What is Skills-Based Volunteering at Ample Labs? — UX Research Team Feature

“ I’m in awe at the depth, complexity and quality of the work from Geordie and the team he leads. Understanding our end-users is the heart of how we do product development at Ample Labs. I am so proud of the work our UX Research team has been able to produce.”

— CG Chen, CEO at Ample Labs

A snapshot of UX Research projects in the Ample Labs Research Repository


Why did you join the Ample Labs UX research team?

How has your understanding of homelessness evolved through Ample Labs?

An analysis page in the Research Repository showing commonly tagged patterns in individuals at risk of homelessness

What has your experience working with the UX Research team been?

UX research workshop conducted with youth at risk of homelessness

What are some unique challenges you’ve faced when conducting research with people facing homelessness?

A chart in the Repository showing trends gathered from User Interviews about people’s experiences during COVID-19

What is the impact you hope to see from the research you do?

Primary Research data showing common themes gathered from Hidden Homeless individuals



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Ample Labs

Ample Labs

ample Labs is a social enterprise empowering those of us facing homelessness with technology. 👉 https://www.amplelabs.co