“I Faced Homelessness in Middle School”- Cam, Public School Board Trustee of Hamilton

What was your experience like facing homelessness?

Left photo: Cam with his family beside a Christmas tree / Right photo: Cam holding a Canadian flag

I remember the day I entered the country was the best day of my life. I was dancing in front of the security camera at the border crossing. I was only 7.

Kitchen from Burlington’s Women’s Shelter that Cam stayed in

My mom worked her butt off. Because there was a father figure missing from the household, I took on a lot of responsibilities.

Cam with his first paycheck of $21.84 from North Restaurant in Guelph
Cam holding his first paycheck

How did your experience with hidden homelessness affect you growing up?

The teacher asked me why I was on a list for at-risk youth that the school kept. Typically, at-risk youth don’t run for student council.

It made sense, as a visible minority and newcomer, English was not my first language. I was being raised by a single mother of two in a low-income household. I struggled with my sexual orientation and an undiagnosed case of ADHD. I was an at-risk youth through multiple parameters.

What are you working on today with Ample Labs and your political career?

I’ve done work in the non-profit sector before and Ample Labs is what the future of non-profit work should be like.

My story is just one out of thousands of people experiencing poverty or homelessness. Not all of them have happy endings. Chalmers offers people opportunities they would otherwise have difficulty accessing.



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Ample Labs

Ample Labs

ample Labs is a social enterprise empowering those of us facing homelessness with technology. 👉 https://www.amplelabs.co