Why 25% of Canadian Municipal Governments incorporated tech solutions into their homelessness prevention strategies

In order to prevent homelessness in municipalities, experts recommend a 5 tiered approach that includes a variety of policies, practices, and interventions including

  • Structural prevention
  • Systems prevention
  • Early Interventions
  • Eviction Prevention
  • Housing security

To implement these strategies there needs to be strong cooperation between municipal governments, their social service ecosystems…

What if your team’s skills could be used to help prevent homelessness?

Team Ample has already partnered with Twitter, TD, Fiix, and Manulife in order to engage employees in supporting tech solutions to combat homelessness. Our chatbot Chalmers is just the first step in helping individuals at risk of homelessness…

Ample Labs

ample Labs is a social enterprise empowering those of us facing homelessness with technology. 👉 https://www.amplelabs.co

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