Volunteers make up 80% of Ample Labs’ staff, and play a major role in supporting our mission and helping us better understand individuals facing hidden homelessness. To show our appreciation for our volunteers, we interviewed our UX Research team on their work and the impact they aim to make.

Geordie Graham, the head of our UX Research team has mentored many of our past and current volunteers, enabling them to find jobs in the UX research field out of their experiences with us.

“ I’m in awe at the depth, complexity and quality of the work from Geordie and the…

This is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write — however with every ending comes a new beginning. We want to be transparent to our end-users, supporters, and community as to why we made this decision.

This was a difficult decision and something that took months to decide, but the leadership & team, and I have decided to move on officially as full-time employees, and cease core operations at Ample Labs.

We had a great run at Ample Labs for the last 3 years and gave it everything we got, we saw a tremendous uptick &…

Why 25% of Canadian Municipal Governments incorporated tech solutions into their homelessness prevention strategies

In order to prevent homelessness in municipalities, experts recommend a 5 tiered approach that includes a variety of policies, practices, and interventions including

  • Structural prevention
  • Systems prevention
  • Early Interventions
  • Eviction Prevention
  • Housing security

To implement these strategies there needs to be strong cooperation between municipal governments, their social service ecosystems, and the communities most at risk of facing homelessness. One scalable way to do this is through the use of technology in homelessness prevention. We’ve highlighted 3 ways municipalities can reach at-risk residents with critical services before they fall into homelessness through the use of various tech innovations.

1. Making real-time data driven program decisions to support underserved communities

Structural prevention…

What if your team’s skills could be used to help prevent homelessness?

Team Ample has already partnered with Twitter, TD, Fiix, and Manulife in order to engage employees in supporting tech solutions to combat homelessness. Our chatbot Chalmers is just the first step in helping individuals at risk of homelessness get help faster. Whether your team is big on data, product strategy, development, or marketing, we’d appreciate your support to amplify our impact! We’re always looking forward to designing partnerships and cross-company hackathons to get more talented folks involved.

What topics will your team learn about?

  • Mythbusting homelessness and ‘hidden’ homelessness
    There are many types of homelessness, but…

What does it mean to empower individuals facing homelessness with technology? What is the intersection of technology, human-centered design, and government relations in our work? Here is a look at our journey and the nuances of Ample Labs’ work through the lens of our dedicated Board of Directors.

But first, how did we begin?

Before Ample Labs was an official tech non-profit, it started as a series of focus groups at the Fred Victor Centre. That is where two of our board members met, and our founder CG began her work.

“I met CG at Fred Victor where I was…

Meet Cam Galindo, an adventure-loving 26-year-old who’s also an elected public School Board Trustee in Hamilton. He’s been to 29 countries, was a flag bearer in the 2016 Olympics, and loves being with people!

Born in Colombia, he moved to Canada when he was just six years old. He recently joined Ample Labs as a community lead spearheading the launch of Chalmers in Hamilton. Within a few weeks, he shared a realization:

“I did some reflecting and realized I have actually been a hidden homeless individual. I never thought of myself that way before. That label never seemed like me…

“I’m not ready to talk about what happened to me.”

Jade shared an apartment with a partner and faced constant domestic abuse. Terrified and without close connections to family to stay with, she decides to leave with her dog. She finds Chalmers when searching for crisis help, which refers her to a women’s help hotline. Unfortunately, she must disclose the details of her abuse in order to be eligible for a women’s shelter. Jade feels too ashamed to talk about what happened. She looks for another way and ends up Couchsurfing.

During COVID-19, Toronto has experienced an 18% spike in…

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many of us on the edge, suffering in silence.

Once CERB runs out and landlords are able to evict again, who among us will be affected?

As more jobs open up again, what kind of barriers will keep those needing work from being hired?

Could there be colleagues and friends in our own circles that may be struggling in silence?

According to Stats Canada, 1 in 10 Canadians have faced homelessness in their lifetime. Our 1 in 10 video series is based on the real-life stories, of three Canadians who’ve faced hidden homelessness. …

When Joel was 15, he was living in shelters. He went from Calgary to Edmonton, then Vancouver and finally Toronto. He decided to explore because he had nothing to lose.

In 2015, Megan signed a 1-year lease in Kensington Market but only stayed there for three weeks. Her landlord was extremely creepy — and with the help of friends and family, she could make the move.

It was the perfect spot in Kensington Market, a ten-minute walk from OCADU where she was studying. The rent was only $500 a month which was a steal for Toronto, especially on a student budget. However, the boundaries this man overstepped was too much.

Fast forward to 2019, and a picture circulates around Facebook. It’s a screenshot of a bald, middle-aged man’s Facebook profile…

Ample Labs

ample Labs is a social enterprise empowering those of us facing homelessness with technology. 👉 https://www.amplelabs.co

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